Rodent Control

Rodents: Mice, Rats, Pack Rats, and Other Rodents
Have you noticed small droppings in your home or business? Are you finding holes in food bags or small caches of seeds and food piled in corners and cupboards? Are you experiencing strong odors that you can’t find the source to?

If so you may have a rodent problem and you need the folks at Nash Pest Control to eliminate these rodents immediately. Nash pest control will provide a thorough inspection to determine if you have a rodent infestation and will customize an elimination plan that works for your home. Nash Pest Control will provide the following services:

  • Multiple Inspections of your Home or Business to Find All Possible Rodents and Nests
  • Set Family and Pet Friendly Bait to Eliminate All Rodents
  • Regularly Inspect and Replace Bait Until All Rodents are Eliminated
  • Make Recommendations to Eliminate any Possible Entrances and Food Sources in Your Home